It goes without saying that anyone who owns any kind of vehicle needs car insurance—you’ll thank yourself for getting it after an accident. But while it’s true that auto insurance is a necessity, that doesn’t mean you should spend more than necessary on your policy.

For many car owners, the task of buying car insurance at a bargain can be so frustrating that they no longer bother to find the best deal out there. It’s important to note, however, that car insurance isn’t something that comes at a fixed price. You could easily save significant amounts of money each year if you take the necessary steps to lower your monthly, semi-annual, or annual premium.

In this guide, Bilförsä offers a few quick and simple pointers on how to maximize your car insurance savings.

  1. Learn How To Drive Defensively

Driving safely is perhaps the most basic step you can take to prevent your current insurance premium from getting more expensive. Accumulating traffic tickets and minor accidents can drive up the cost of your insurance, as insurance companies will see that you’re a risky client to ensure.

Fortunately, many car insurance companies offer car insurance savings for drivers who try to improve their driving skills and driving habits. One way of doing that is by taking a defensive driving class or any other driver’s education program. You can even request that citations in your record be removed in exchange for taking up a class.

  1. Buy Only The Insurance That You Need

Not all kinds of auto insurance are the same. For instance, owners of new vehicles tend to pay more in comprehensive and collision coverage, especially if they took out a loan to buy the car.

If you have an older car, be sure to explore your car insurance options and buy only what you need. For example, cars over 10 years old don’t really benefit from collision and comprehensive insurance, especially if the vehicle is worth less that the deductible plus the cost of annual coverage.

You’re better off putting that money in a repair fund, or better yet, as a savings fund for your down payment on a new car.

  1. Buy a Car That’s Insurance-Friendly

If you’ve yet to buy a car, take this opportunity to look up to look up insurance rates for each car model that’s on your shortlist. Different cars will have different insurance premiums, especially when it comes to comprehensive and collision coverage. Generally speaking, small SUVs and family-friendly minivans tend to be cheaper to insure compared to flashy and expensive cars.

  1. Take Advantage Of Every Possible Discount You Can Get

All insurance companies offer different discounts for their policyholders. Before purchasing auto insurance, make sure to maximize all discounts you’re entitled to—if you don’t know of any, ask your agent.

Common discounts include, but are not limited to:

  • Package discounts for buying life, home, and car insurance from the same insurance company
  • Insuring more than one car with the same company
  • Discounts for a spotless driving record
  • Discounts for insuring a vehicle with multiple safety features
  • Discounts for parking in a garage instead of a driveway

Car insurance doesn’t come cheap and premiums can vary by as much as several hundreds of dollars per year for the same kind of coverage between different insurers. Be sure to shop around to see where you can get the best deals before making any final purchase decisions.

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