One of the more controversial - and common - discussion among bike enthusiats is whether a motorcycle with carburation or fuel injection is preferable. Each side is ferverous in their arguments and each has a lot of supporters. Beginners may not give the question much thought as they generally choose a bike based on other factors such as price, power and brand.

Experienced riders however will want the best riding experience they can get and thus put this question at the top of the list of priorities. There isn’t a single answer to give, but it depends on your riding style, the temperature where you live and such.

Even though fuel injection is the newest technology, a lot of motorbikes still use a carburated engine, though the higher powered motorcycles are all now fuel injection. Carburated motorcycles have one advantage for the casual rider and that is that their engines are easier to repair and simpler to maintain. This is mostly due to the fact that most mechanics have more experience with carburated engines than with fuel injection systems.

While fuel injection engines increase the cost of the bike, the rewards are also there in increased fuel efficiency, better throttle response and better cold starting and of course less maintenance in the long run.

One of the first arguments you are likely to hear when debating carburated vs fuel injection is on the topic of cold stars. Carburated engines may need time before they are ready to run at cold temperatures. This is because the fuel will stick to the sides of the cylinder and a choke system is needed to warm the engine up.

Cold starts with a fuel injection system is much simpler. There is no need for choke or adjustment, just turn the key and go. But the system itself is much more complicated. That is also why there is a huge aftermarket for fitted parts such as fuel injection tuning kits such as the Boosterplug Power Commander alternative which makes the fuel injection system perform much better, giving a smoother ride and more and better power transfer from turning the throttle.

Both systems have their unique advantages, but if you want maximum performance, then fuel injection is the way to go.

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